About Yuliya Holden

Yuliya Holden, Massage

"I began studying massage therapy in Russia while attending nursing school. I worked in a clinic for many years.
I also gained respect and a reputation for my deep tissue massages
and unique touch."
20 Years of Experience20 years of experience!

Massage Benefits

- Removes toxins
- Strengthens internal organ system
- Strengthens the immune system
- Produces negative ions
- Enhances Endurance
- Promotes healthy and radiant skin
- Increases vitality
- Calms the Nervous System
- Benefits the Digestive System
- Produces Tranquility

Massage Techniques

- Deep Tissue Massage
- Hot Stone Therapy
- Chair Massage
- Sports Injury Massage
- Swedish/Relaxation Massage
- Detox Massage Treatment
- Pre-Natal
- Accident Recovery
- Foot Reflexology
- Cupping Therapy
- Lymphatic Massage
- Jade & Ginseng Slimming
  Acupressure Treatment


Royal Jadeite Treatment

Royal Jadeite TreatmentExperience this royal gem once used only by the Kings and Queens of East Asia. Utilize the healing powers of the precious jade stone.

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone TherapyTherapeutic massage using hot stones to reduce muscle tension and increase blood circulation, open pores, bring oxygen to all organs.

Medical Massage

Medical Massage Massage increases immune system, helps with detoxing, increases metabolism, increases flexibility, and strengthens the muscles.

Slimming and Detox Acupressure Treatment

Slimming and Detox Acupressure TreatmentNourishing herbal tonic is massaged into your body and penetrates the skin to remove toxins. Then special herbal bags are applied.

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