I was fortunate to experience many treatments from Yuliya, all were totally awesome! The hot stone massage was relaxing and warmed me through and through; it got all those kinks out. The slimming and detox treatments were very similar but the herbal tea very different. I felt great and everyone commented on how refreshed I looked. I highly recommend these treatments. I lots four pounds WOW!!
Debbie, Ajara Spa and Wellness Center 425 746-0055

I have enjoyed the detox treatments I receive from Yuliya. I have a stressful job and after she is done I am completely relaxed. The benefits last several days and I do feel a release of tension form my muscles. I highly recommend the detox treatments, which include some massage, by the time you leave her office you feel as if you are floating.
Myrna Pinedo, Ph.D.,L.M.F.T, L.M.H.C (425) 453-1234

I experienced the detox massage with Yuliya and it was fabulous. I was a little hesitant about drinking the herbal detox tea but after drinking it I was so glad I did. I was having digestion problems and the way she massages my abdomen helped relieve the discomfort. I was energized but relaxed at the same time. I would encourage everyone to try it.
Jenny H., esthetician (253)-249-5309

After receiving herbal treatment I found that my skin was more rejuvenated. Drinking the herbal tea supplied my internal organs the nutrient and health they needed. I felt great and reenergized and recommend it highly.

Thank you for the detox treatment. I was very afraid of getting swelling and bad bruises from my fall off the ladder. The tea actually tasted good. I guess my body knew it was good for me. When the bruises did appear they were very small. But the best was I had no soreness in my neck or arms.

I strongly recommend the detox treatment. My skin felt like a baby’s bottom for three days. My clarity of thought was also improved. I wish Yuliya lived in Palm Desert; then I could have this done once a month. To better health.
Barbara Jean Phelps 171 Desert Falls Circle Palm Desert, CA 92211

I was in a car accident. I called her and she gave me a detox. I had an injured rib. However after the detox I sweat a lot and the rest of my body was OK. I am very fotunate that Yuliya was in town both times. I recommend her and the detox massage.
B.J. Phelps


Royal Jadeite Treatment

Royal Jadeite TreatmentExperience this royal gem once used only by the Kings and Queens of East Asia. Utilize the healing powers of the precious jade stone.

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone TherapyTherapeutic massage using hot stones to reduce muscle tension and increase blood circulation, open pores, bring oxygen to all organs.

Medical Massage

Medical Massage Massage increases immune system, helps with detoxing, increases metabolism, increases flexibility, and strengthens the muscles.

Slimming and Detox Acupressure Treatment

Slimming and Detox Acupressure TreatmentNourishing herbal tonic is massaged into your body and penetrates the skin to remove toxins. Then special herbal bags are applied.

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